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Dear friends, need help with basic Integration problem.

Dear friends,

I am trying to solve an integration problem similar to the attached one. This is the first time I am trying to solve integration problem using LabView, I am not even sure which package is appropriate to solve this problem. FYI, I am using LabView 2018 student version. Please give your opinion, your time and advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a good one.

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The only thing worse than a .PNG Image is a .JPEG Image, which I won't ever try to open.


Bob Schor



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@Forhad wrote:

sorry about that

I guess you've moved up to second worst.  Bob is trying to get you upload the actual problem code, meaning the VI.

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That is now an embedded picture.  But still no VI was attached.

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Hi, I don't have any vi now. I am not even sure which package to use to solve this integration problem.  

Thank you

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One of your images shows the block diagram of a VI.


Bob_Schor frequently (and sensibly) requests such VIs be attached to forum posts, rather than screenshots etc, because it makes it much easier to download, test, explore and/or correct a problematic VI.


Without an uploaded copy, forum users must attempt to recreate your VI (perhaps not so bad here, but in any case) and hope that they don't, for example, accidentally correct your mistakes (as might happen if the problem is a minor misconnection or similar).


Hopefully this makes the request's purpose a little clearer.

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  1. Open LabVIEW.
  2. On Menu Bar, click Help.
  3. Click LabVIEW Help ...
  4. In Search Box, type "Integration".
  5. Look at the first few entries, see if any seem appropriate.
  6. Read the Detailed Help for the topic you chose.  If it seems relevant, note the "Owning Palette", as this will help you find the function(s) on the Block Diagram set of Palettes (what you see when you right-click on the Block Diagram window).
  7. Check out any examples mentioned at the bottom of the Help.

Once you've done that, try writing your own VI.  If it doesn't work, come back here, tell us what you tried, and attach your VI.


Bob Schor

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There is probably a better way to do this, but here is a start for the denominator.

Mathematica result shown also for verification.





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