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Date and Making sure the user inputs all the required fields

Hello all,


I'm working on a simple VI in which the user must input the doctor name, his name, his gender. 

However, I'm finding difficulties when it comes to the user inputing his date of birth. Is there a data type control in labview in which he can select his date of birth ?


Furthermore, in case the user didn't fill all the information on the pop-up window, I want the program to display a message ("You must fill all the required fields" or something like that


Can you help me arrange my program ?


Find attached the VI that im working on 

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I do not understand all the logic of hidden buttons and panels that may not be open. Some of that likely will complicate this recommendation.


The main while loop should work like a simple state machine. When what is now an exit condition is detected, check the data for validity.  If it is not valid, prompt the user to supply the missing information and do not exit.


For the date of birth look at the time stamp control. Change the format to only show the date. Something like "Time unused" and "Custom date format: M/D/Y, 4-digit year."


Also, consider using a string for the SSN. Your users will try to enter xxx-xx-xxxx and the numeric control will not accept the dashes. String functions can be used to validate the format, number of characters, and that all characters (except the dashes) are numerals.



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An alternative way would be to simply make it impossible for the user to move forward until all the inputs have something in them.  In this case, it might not make much of a difference, but the reasoning is that it's usually much easier to prevent the user from doing something wrong in the first place than it is to catch an error from the user later.

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This is the third thread you've started on the same subject. That is just rude.
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" ...I'm working on my Final Year Project ...."


its that time of year again where time counts down to pass the class requirements Smiley Surprised


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Duplicate Post


Keep the comments to the original.

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