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Database id key from logs

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Hi there,


I've been tasked with taking logs from different testers and inserting those log files into a central database.


I have been able to split the data that i require out but i am having real issues with creating an ID key. This now i have split the log files into 2 seperate tables.


1st table contains the main results (So this has Serial number, test type, unit type, duration, start date/time and status)

2nd table contains the details of the tests performed merged (cocacenated) with the pass / fail result.

The two tables will be linked by this ID.


I am trying to achieve this on HeidiSQL (MySQL)

I have setup the ODBC for mysql and its linked to the database. 


Below is the sample code im working off of, but i cant get it to work either.

Attempt 1.JPG


However whenever i run this i just get syntax errors.



Have i done something daft without realising it? 



Kind Regards

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Your Array is empty.


Also, clean up your block diagram as your wires don't look like they are going to where they are actually going.

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@RavensFan wrote:

Your Array is empty.


Also, clean up your block diagram as your wires don't look like they are going to where they are actually going.

Are you OriolesFan now??

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For a few days, since opening day just started.  A couple times I've changed the alias to OriolesFan, but that looks strange looking back at old messages.


So I left the alias alone and just changed my icon.


Smiley Happy

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Thanks for the replies,


yeah in the picture the array was empty, but regardless if i put values in i still get that long syntax error. See below


attempt 2.JPG


Could it have something to do with the columns? As it looks like that array is mentioned in the error "Time of Test, Status", i dont quite understand what the values(?,?,?,?) corresponds too.


Kind Regards


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Accepted by cwyper88

Looks like that VI does not automatic quoting of string identifiers. Try to add brackets around the column names that contain a space.




[Date of Test]

If you still can change the table definition it would be better though to avoid spaces in column names and other identifiers in databases. Either use CamelCase like you did for SerialNumber or replace the space with an underscore.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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