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Database error

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Hi, I am using a local server and this error message will appear. I am not sure what's the reason. The program is working perfectly.


verror ,sg.png

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Since the error occurs, your program is not running very fine. Can you share your VI here? Also, were you able to use the server properly before? There is an IP address mentioned in the error, did you try to use the correct IP address?

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The server is running properly and the ip address is correct

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I am not sure if I can call the same database to execute 2 different tables in the same case structure

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You cannot open multiple references to the same server at the same time. Its like calling a mobile when its already on call with someone else. You can use the reference and do multiple tasks but i suggest you keep the programming sequential here.

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I am not sure if I understand it right. But I am not suppose to call the same database simultaneously ?

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Accepted by topic author S.Neo

Yes, you cannot call the same database twice at the same time. It is busy communicating with one thread so it should not be called again. Thats what you are doing wrong in your program (by the first look of it). You are calling it twice at the same time.

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