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Database Variant to Data Bug

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Hi all, 

I ran into something odd today while working with the Database Variant to Data function. When an empty 1D array of variants is wired into the Database Variant to Data function it returns an error. However, when an empty 2D array of variants is wired into the Database Variant to Data function it does not return an error.


I've attached a simple example demonstrating the inconsistency. My initial thought was that they should either both return an error or neither return an error. I discovered this in LabView 2015, and verified the same behavior in LabView 2016.

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I will be trying to recreate this and will report it if I see a similar response.


Eric Wang

Applications Engineering

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Is this impeding your progress? I would just check for empty arrays before passing it through the function.



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Hi Eric,

Thank you for looking into this issue. This isn't a huge problem for me. I switched over to checking for empty arrays, like you suggested, but it seems like something that should be consistent on error generation for any size of empty varaints. 

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Accepted by thomask19

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I have gone ahead and filed a Corrective Action Report. The number for this is 618979 if you would like to track it.


Eric Wang

Applications Engineering


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