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DataSocket connection too slow

Hi everyone
Am using DataSocket server to communicate between various application over the network, some of the application are programmed using Labwindows CVI and some of the data acquisition application are programmed using Labview.
When the CVI application is started the DataSocket server is connected almost instantaneously, but the labview applications connect very slow almost takes a minute, and the DataSocket server hangs till all the connection are not established. the labview applications are running in embedded controllers NI PXI 8186. Am using 8 dataitems in each labview application and there are 4 such applications.
so when all of the application are started at a time the problem is more severe, can any one tell me how is that i can improve the connection speed?
Thanx for the reply.
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hi there

be sure to use the Open/Close Connection functions. see attachment.

Best regards

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