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Data saving from PIC code

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I was trying to save my experimental data from PID code. I used the queue options but I can't get any saved file on my computer. I have attached the PID code here. 

Would anyone check and help me to solve the problem? TIA 

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Could you send your file in the 2015 version ?

What is the size and the type of the data ?


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You are not putting any data into your Queue only a Boolean (Stop) 

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Actually, I followed another example. Would you please modify the code?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Fred19ni


I have attached the 2015 version of my code here. Actually, I want to save numeric data from the sensor. I have low knowledge about data type and size. Sorry, I can't give the exact answer to your question. 

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Hi Chowdhury_Milon,


I can't open this file because it's the 2017 version, not 2017.

Anyway, if you want to save numéric data, you can use Excel file.

This link will help you to choose the best file and to do it.


Moving Data From LabVIEW Into Excel


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03-10-2018 03:46 AM

1. You have a data dependency between your two loops.  Data flow will therefore dictate that you second loop connect run until the first loop is complete.

2. You are just using the queue as a stop condition.  You need to pass the data through the queue.

3. Get rid of those Dynamic Data Types whenever possible.  They make things more difficult to understand.


You might also want to give the Producer/Consumer a good read over.  But here is your VI set up to be a proper Producer/Consumer.  You still may need to tweak things to get the display and file format the way you want it.

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