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Data logging max values to spreadsheet

Hi everyone,


I'm new to LabView and I am trying to modify a Futek example file (which processes the signal from our Futek device into firmness values) so that I can capture and record, in spreadsheet format, only the Maximum values each time we take a reading. I have been able to set it up so that the max value is found, and then reset once the device reads below 0.03 (the device rests at values above 0.02 when no force is being applied).


My modifications are in the while loop within the while loop on the right-hand side of the block diagram. As you can see, the values are in double precision format and and I am having trouble logging them into spreadsheet format.


Also, even if I were to log the values to a spreadsheet, I do not know how to retain only the max values each time the device is used and discard all other values.


Any thoughts?

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I don't have 2014 installed at home.  But, I put together a quick example to show you how I'd look for a max value and write it to a spreadsheet.


I used more indicators than I usually would so you could see what the code is doing.  You could eliminate all three indicators and have the code perform as desired.  If you want to use the same path, you could add a path to the VI to handle this without being prompted.

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Thank you for the help. I am having trouble running it, however, because when I create a file path fot the data logging (before using the device to capture values) and I select the newly created .csv, I am asked continually to select the file path even though I already have.

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Can you supply your updated code?  It sounds like you are not supplying your path properly to the Write Spreadsheet File.

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I modified the example I sent before to show you what I meant by you can specify a path.  My example is a very generic example.  To add this to your code, you likely want to create your csv file before you enter the loop that processes your code and use this to create headers.  You can use the same style of code I have to do that.  Inside your loop, you will want to pass the built path and make sure you have the true constant I've included so that your data will append to your file.  That way, it keeps adding new information rather than writing over the old data.It sounds like you either have not set up the path in your code or the code is asking if you want to overwrite what you already have because it is not set to append.

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