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Data from CTS

Hi agin!


I have some serious problems with my LabVIEW programming, and it's probably my skills that is the delimitation, so please help me someone.


I need to read a serial number of a device that do not comunicate back, so what I'm basically is trying to do is to send a five byte big command to the device, where the third command tells the device to open or close a relay depending on if that number coresponds to a zero or a one in the serial number. Then I try to mesure if the relay is open or not by using the CTS port, i.e. see if there are any voltage applied to it (I've conected the CTS to the circut that is closed by the relay). I need to do this 16 times in order to get the whole 16 digits serial number..The comunication to the device needs to be in hex and the last two bytes in the five byte comand do is not read by the device.

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I wrote a nice reply, then I saw that you double posted, so I deleted my response. Please stick to the original thread.
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Ok I did not think that anyone looked at old threds, I'v added a bit more information in this but I guess that I just can ad that to my other thred then, sorry again this is just my second day at the forum..

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