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Data acquisition lags with front panel changes

I am using Labview to acquire data from a camera at up to 100 Hz (512 x 512 array), and I am finding that any front panel activity causes the acquisition to lag. This means that if I am displaying the images live, or even just resizing Labview windows, I will miss frames. I am using a producer/consumer architecture (queues) to acquire and write/display the images in a separate VI. I am also concurrently sending signals to a DAQ in an additional VI. This seems to indicate that all of this is running on the same process and that it is CPU bound. I've attached the relevant section of my acquisition VI. Any suggestions of a way to further separate the acquisition from the rest of the code?

 Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 2.27.58 PM.png


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You are having a problem with your VI (which may mean that you made a mistake) and you've "attached the relevant section of your acquisition VI" as a picture (which means we can edit it, inspect it, nor run it).


If you made an error in the VI, you might have also made an error on the "relevant section".  Please attach the entire VI, and attach it as a VI.  If you need to attach several VIs, I recommend that you compress the folder holding the VIs and attach the resulting .ZIP file.  We should be able to help.


I've acquired data from 24 cameras at 30 fps simultaneously and haven't missed frames.  With a proper Producer/Consumer architecture, I would expect you'd be able to acquire data from one camera at 100 Hz without missing any frames.  I'm looking forward to seeing your code.


Bob Schor

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