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Data Acquistion for Process Control Rig

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Hello there. I'm a student from Malaysia undergoing final year project on signal conditioning and data acquistion for a process control rig.


I'm supposed to intergrate the analog/digital input and analog/digital output from the hardware (process control rig) to the PC (using Labview 8.8 software) by means of a USB DAQ. I've connected all the ports accordingly in the process control rig to the necessary port in the USB DAQ.


There are several things to control and acquire data from i.e. valves (3), pump, fan, stirrer and heater.


I've determined the digital output part. They are controlling the valves and fan (the light bulb will on and off). See attached picture on how I do it and please comment if necessary. How do I then determine for the analog part of it??


Finally, how do I run the overall process? I'm supposed to show that the Labview software is able to acquire data from the process control rig for example, by turning a knob will actually increase or decrease the valve opening/closing, etc.


Thank you for all of your kind comments and assistance. 


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JM Chin wrote: 

(using Labview 8.8 software) 

Never heard of that version before Smiley Wink Smiley Happy



I prefer you to go through the basic analog input and output example shipped with your LabVIEW.


If it is just to demonstrate, there are lot of expample VIs which controls DOs and AOs and acquires DIs and AIs.

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Hey. Thanks for answering. Sorry, the version is 8.6; not 8.8. My bad.=)


Yes the purpose of this project is to demonstrate how all (DO, DI, AO, AI) are linked together and control it from the LabVIEW software - either manually or digitally. All these have to linked back to the hardware (process control rig).


Question is, I'm not sure how to determine the analog part of it yet. For the digital part, I've attached the picture previously and it is working (the bulb will on and off according to the array)


Thank you.



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using labview software can acquire data and process control devices via data board. right? so you can stick to the basic analog I/O using your labview

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