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Data Acquisition Program Guidance

Hi, I am trying to develop a data acquisition program and would like some guidance.


Scenario: Test engineer looks at live data being read from thermocouples using a CDAQ system. When he is happy that the data is settled, he will press a button which will log one point of data from each channel on the thermocouple card of the CDAQ. Currently I am using one 16 channel card but this will be expanded to use 3 x 16 channel card.


Current progress, I can view the live data on a chart and I have a button which takes me into another state of a state machine to log oe set point. I am not sure whether I should place these logged set points into an array with a new row for each set point or save them straight into a file.


Could you suggest which would be the better option and how to go about doing this. I have tried several methods to get the set points into a new row of an array but failed.


Maybe my whole program structure is not suitable to what i want to do.


Attached is my VI of current progress. See for the latest version.


Thank  you in advance.




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Zip the structure that conains your project (or a source distribution of your project) and attach it.  The .lvproj file only contains the names of the expected vis and controls etc... We get nothing else to look at.

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Here are the files





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You just need to add a shift register and a build array.


I don't use DAQmx so I don't know why it's output is a two dimensional array but you get the idea.


Every time you press the button and leave the logging loop the output will be appended to the array.

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