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Darren's Weekly Nugget 07/06/2009

Did you know that the LabVIEW Help is searchable online?  All the content that is shipped in core LabVIEW's CHM files is hosted on as well.  So if you want more information on the Match Pattern function, for example, just go to and type match pattern labview 8.6, and the first link in the search results is the LabVIEW 8.6 version of the help for the Match Pattern function.


One reason I really like having the help content online is that Google tends to be better at figuring out what I want than the Search that is built-in to the LabVIEW Help.  Another reason is that I can link to the help for different functions and subVIs I reference in my nuggets.


Finally, I found out here that I can change my Google Chrome omnibar search to do an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search on whatever I type.  So now it's as simple as typing match pattern labview 8.6 in my address bar in Google Chrome, and the resulting page is the help file I search results necessary.

DNatt, NI
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LabVIEW is just so intuitive understandable, that Help is not really necessary (especially for real programmers who first will place match pattern primitive on the BD, and only then will RTFM) ;).

Seriously, its a good trick with Google (but personally I will press F1 faster as you will type "match pattern labview 8.6").


What I would like to add:


- you can type match pattern labview 8.6 - then result will be limited to only (sometimes search result may be better than original search on ni site).


- some examples which are not included in LabVIEW also hosted on NI. Just select Help->Find Examples, then check mark "Include examples". (This may not working properly behind corporate firewall, but you can try Proxomitron for bypassing.)




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Ok, so I'm trying Chrome for the first time on the forums, and it's hosed the formatting... I apologize if this looks odd - I've edited the best I could...  

Darren said:
Finally, I found out here that I can change my Google Chrome omnibar search to do an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search on whatever I type.
So now it's as simple as typing match pattern labview 8.6 in my address bar in Google Chrome, and the resulting page is the help file I search results necessary.



Following the instructions you linked to, an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search seems to work as long as the search term is only one word.
Did you tweak something to get an omnibar entry of match pattern labview 8.6 to skip the search results?


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Darren wrote:

Did you know that the LabVIEW Help is searchable online? 

Yes. It's great for providing links to show the answer to someone's question is in the documentation that they sometimes don't bother to read.

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LabBEAN wrote:


Following the instructions you linked to, an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search seems to work as long as the search term is only one word.
Did you tweak something to get an omnibar entry of match pattern labview 8.6 to skip the search results?


Hmm, I'm seeing weird behavior too.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I can get the Match Pattern search to work if it's the first search I do when opening a new tab in Chrome (which is what I did to test it prior to posting the nugget), but if it's a subsequent search on the same tab, it doesn't work.  *sigh*   I found a couple of other search URLs to try, but they're spotty too.


So uh, I guess it's an "I'm Feeling Kinda Lucky" search?

DNatt, NI
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There is something wrong with the help page itself :

If you enter a search term on the 8.6 help page it will search in help of other versions as well.


Try 'match pattern' for instance, the first hit is on the 8.5 help, however I would expect to search within LabVIEW 8.6 help files.



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just go to and type match pattern labview 8.6, and the first link in the search results is the LabVIEW 8.6 version of the help for the Match Pattern function


This will not work  straight forward from Germany. The first matches will lead to,, and some other documents.

I needed to go to the advanved search to overright my settings.


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