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Darren's Weekly Nugget 05/26/2009

A while back, Michael Aivaliotis posted a nifty tip on LAVA that makes a great nugget.  If you have a large app containing many subVIs, and you do something to cause a relink to be required of those subVIs, there is a very easy way to relink all the subVIs at the same time.  Prior to finding out this trick, I usually just went through each individual subVI instance and manually selected the "Relink to SubVI" right-click menu option.  But with Mike's trick, first you find all instances of the subVI in the Find dialog:





























Then, pick the subVI itself in the "Replace With" box, and select the "Replace All" button:




This operation will instantly relink every instance of the subVI that was found.  I really like this fact, I just used it today!

DNatt, NI
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I used this tip about a week ago when I had to relink my subvi's 


thanks for the tip 🙂

Harold Timmis
*Kudos always welcome:)
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Really nice one.

Most of the time we use typedefed clusters so that we don't fall into connector changes so often, but this tip will sure save time.



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Interesting tip but it prompts me to obesrve that choosing a good icon connector when the VI is first created will go a long way toward avoiding this condition in the first place. One of the few corporate dictates that where passed down to me when I came to Data Science Automation was "All VIs will use the same icon connector (worse case - 1)". As a result I can NOT recall ever having to re-link a bunch of calls to a sub-VIs.


So quoting from Indiana Jones,


"Choose wisely."



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