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Darren's Weekly Nugget 03/23/2009

Just found that "Use default if unwired" does not take the value in the "default case" in the case structure, but always the default value of the data type. Luckily, I only used "Use default if unwired" in the case structure inside a while loop for the "Stop" function, and the default is "False". 
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Just saw your posting after I tested the "default case" and posted my second message. Thanks.



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Darren wrote:

Case Structure Miscellany

  • Here's something you may not have known...check out this VI:

    ...the contents of unexecuted frames of case structures whose selectors are wired to constants are not compiled.  Keep this in mind when doing things like putting VIs in a case structure that won't execute just to keep the VIs in memory...they may not actually be loaded at all.

Yeah - that one bit me when it came in.  I agree that it closed a hole, but a significant amount of my code relied on this little loop hole - to have the VI in memory to then be able to call it by name (not full path, just name) dynamically 😞

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Here's something you may not have known...check out this VI:

There's no trick photography here...that is a missing subVI, but the VI is not broken. 

Suppose, instead of a missing VI, I put a VI that depends on a DLL that does not exist.  Am I still OK?

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