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Daq Triggering after Fieldpoint Activation

Hi,hope someone can help.. i'm lost on this now..basically i want to do this:
activate fieldpoint to pump stepping current-starting from 0 mA(from 0-10mA in steps of 1mA) ==> after 0.5s ==> DAQ card is triggered and will record the reading ==> fieldpoint steps to 1mA ==> after 0.5s ==>DAQ triggered and record the readings ==> REPEAT till 10mA.
Is there any examples VIs or icons which will help me to acheive this?
Appreciate a lot for the help=D

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     There is a shipping example in LabVIEW 8.2 with the latest fieldpoint drivers and the NI cFP-AO-200. Please refer to the attachment to the location in the example finder that you can find the example from. Also in DAQ to measure current, you will have use a resistor. Please refer to the link below -

Thanks and hope this helps
Best regards
Avi Harjani

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