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DSC and SQL Server problem, I need help.

I am working on a project that is using the DSC module in LabView 2019.  In my project I have created my I/O server (Modbus/TCP) and bound variables.  Each variable has data logging enabled to a Citadel 5.  I deploy all and I can see the  data in the distributed manager and in a data view within MAX.  My client however would like to share the data across a network.  Therefore I thought that I could send the data to a SQL server using the relational database option that is available in the DSC:Database setup.  However after creating my connection to the SQL server and testing it (using the "Test Connection" button), nothing appears in the SQL server. Of course I have deployed again after making these changes.


Unfortunately this is a very poorly supported and documented product, but I need to make this work.  So far NI has not been able to help me, so I am hoping someone in the community can give me some assistance.  Question I have are;


1. Are the tables automatically created by DSC in the SQL server or do I need to create them?


2. Can the data be logged to the Citadel and Relational Database at the same time, meaning the box is checked in both tabs?


3. Is there some type of permissions that I need to set in order to log the data to the SQL server?


4.  Is this just not possible and I have been sold some snake oil?


I know I could write my own routines to write to the database, but I have a large number of "Tags"  was sold on the fact that the I/O server would look after this for me.

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