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DSC alarms and events


I'm just starting with the DSC module and I have a question regarding alarms and events associated to them. I know how to define the limits for LOLO, LO, HI, HIHI for each shared variable and how to get the event associated to an alarm condition detection. What I don't see is how could I associate a different action for each of them. For example: if I had a temperature that should be kept between 20º and 50º and I set my LO and HI for this values how could I know when I'm crossing from 50º->51º or when I'm 51º->50º? because in both cases I would get an event from that alarm but its meaning is very different. In the first case the temperature is reaching the alarm value but in the second one its going down entering the desired range.

I'm using Labview 8.2.1 and DSC 8.2.1

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You could set the alarm to auto-acknowledge.  In this case if the variable goes 50->51 the alarm will appear, if it goes from 51->50 the alarm will go away (assuming the alarm threshold is 51.)
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Does auto ack clear a lower priority alarm?  Example,  is there a way to make LO_LO alarm auto acknowledge the LO alarm using the priority value?  I have a battery charge and Lo alarm setpoint is 50 and LO_LO is 25.  Both alarms trigger at a value of 15.  Is this normal behavior?  I have tried adjusting priorities but that seems to have zero effect.


What is the purpose of the alarm priority value within the DSC module?

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