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DSC 2105 Executable

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Attempting to run a build of the 2015 DSC Scada Demo on a PC that does not have the LabVIEW development environment installed. 


I did install the DSC Run-Time on the target PC, and built an installer to include MAX and the Distributed System Manager as well as my application. 


Application installed and starts without DSC errors.  But Simulation exe does not seem to be able to launch shared variables.  Getting error -1950679035


DSM has variables launched by server, but all show BadStatus error.  (Assuming because Simulator is not connecting)


I've checked "Enable enhanced DSC runtime support" in all EXEs and "Deploy shared variables at execution" for the simulator. 


I've found two documents online:

Building Applications Created with the LabVIEW DSC Module



Support Files to Include when Building a LabVIEW DSC Module Application


These both appear to be old documents, and so far I'm still looking for an answer. 


Any ideas on what else to try?

Patrick Allen:
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This issue was caused by the shared variables improperly added to the cRIO Simulation.exe


I needed to create an additional Destination for the Shared Variables in the build settings.  I also needed to set the Source File Settings in the build to ensure that the Shared Variables would be placed in new Destination (folder). 


I already had box checked and the library selected in the Shared Variable Deployment setting, but without the correct Destination folder this was not working.  Once the Destination was set, the variables deployed and the code worked.


Patrick Allen:
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 I have a similar problem. I cannot proceed because I have basic knowledge of Labivew.  Can you please explain the application you have achieved step by step with the images?
2017 Labview and 2017 DSC Module

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Hi SamedCetin,


I know you were looking for a response from the other forum members, but I thought I'd point you to some documents in case you already haven't seen them.


Here's a article on using Shared Variables in Executables:


and here are some images of the build specifications mentioned in the solution for your consideration:


Hope this helps!

Keddy C.
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National Instruments
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