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DS18B20 Temperature sensor via MyRio

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I tried to use a DS18B20 temperature sensor with a MyRio device via UART port  The sensor data pin is connected to pin 10 A/UART, bat I have Visa read error. Error code: 1073676294. Is it possible to use this like this or do I need something else? Thanks a lot.

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If you search the Web for your Temperature sensor, you'll find lots of discussions about interfacing it with Arduino, noting that the sensor uses a "one-wire" protocol.  Most of the implementations discuss the Arduino interface, noting that two Arduino library functions, "One Wire Library" and "Dallas Temperature.h" are recommended to handle the "one-wire protocol" that this particular chip uses.


You will probably need to develop your own library for implementing the one-wire protocol in the myRIO.  Note that the myRIO is perfectly capable of handling communications protocols -- the myRIO Software Toolkit has functions that allow you to communicate with chips that use the SPI or I²C protocol.  You can also "study the Protocol" and then "roll your own" code by utilizing the FPGA.


So the answer as to why VISA doesn't work is that you chose a chip that uses a "one-wire" communication protocol.  Learn the protocol, then write a custom communication protocol for this device using the FPGA of the myRIO to handle the timing and the bit processing.  Or get an Arduino.


Bob Schor

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