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DMM synchronization with analog card

hi all,

I have a PXIe 1082 with 4 DMM cards 4081 and 1 analogue card 6361. I perform some measurements with the DMM cards.
The 4 DMM cards are synchronise owing to the PXI trigger line 0.
The sampling frequency is around 100Hz but this value depends of my card initialisation (aperture time, average, autozero,....).
I would like to synchronise the analogue card with the DMM. Do you have some suggestion?
Thanks for your idea



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Hi diotspower,


There is no easy way to synchronize an USB and PXIe card as they don't share any buses.

You can use a timing card in your PXIe chassis to export the backplane trigger and wire it to the PFI input of you USB-6361.

Here is a link explaining how the timing card works:




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Hi Clement,


Thanks for your help.

My analogue card is not a usb version it's a PXIe card too. The DMMs and the 6361 share the same PXIe backplane.


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