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DL850EV FreeRun API


I'm trying to get data via LAN/USB from the Yokogawa DL850EV ScopeRecorder. 

I can connect to the instrument directly, using VISA, but it interfere with operating the scope manually - it lock the scope on remote. 

we need that the application will run on the background, collect and analyze the measured data. 


I contacted the company and got a FreeRun API for the instrument.

I tried importing the dll, but it can't import all the functions.

I was able to initialize& open the instrument, but I can't understand how to add an Event Listener  - it the same function that couldn't be imported. 


any help will be appreciated - I use LabView 2020 - please see the API bundle attached (including docs). 



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Like most instruments, also the DL850 switches to remote mode and disables the panel.

You can set ik back with aa key combination and probably also with a remote command.

Or you can control  the DL850 from your computer.



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Yokogawa have the "Xviewer" PC application which shows you the scope panel on the computer - you can see the data and change the scope parameters from both side simultaneously - I want to recreate this interface with a LabVIEW app - the attached file was what I got from the company for this exact request - it is deferent from the normally published communication interface. 


more to the point - I hadn't explained my problem with enough details, so here some elaboration: 

I'm working with the supplied dll - tried also directly and also using the .Net dll.  - on both cases I cannot activate certain function - LabVIEW does not import it (the function marked on the attached pics).

the manual states that in order to get data, I should connect to the scope (ScInit(), ext.) and than add an event listener  - it is defined as special variable  (see the attached image)


the question is how do I do it in LabVIEW? the samples are supplied for C or C++, but I prefer to stay inside LabVIEW environment if possible.

I have experience with COM interfaces and DLL operation from within LabVIEW, but I probably miss something here. 


Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Did you downloaded the Yokogawa drivers for LabVIEW ??

They are shipped with a few examples that can help you to get started.

And the communication manual will help.



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Hi , 

done that - I can use this method in order to take control in remote mode - which is not what I need.


In order to work with the new DLL, I need to understand how to deal with the special Class ScEventListener which is not defined in LabVIEW. 






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The DLL is for communication with the instrument. In the end it will do the same as you can accomplish with a LabVIEW program.



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