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DIO Port configure

Hello all. I am using a PCI-DIO-32HS and am having a lot of trouble trying to get it configured using Labview. I want to set it up so that there are two 16 bit ports instead of one 32 bit port. I am told that it is made to do this if desired. I would like the first port to be set as an output port and the second as an imput. The requirement is to be able to do simultaneous input/output on each of the ports. I need help fast as time is running out and this needs to be done quickly. Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all....
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That board of yours has two different handshake lines, meaning that you can have two different groups doing a different task.

There is a valid combination of port numbers and group numbers when you are using more than one port per group (that board has a total of 4 ports of 8 bits each).

The best resource for you is the board Users Manual. You will find the table with the legal combination of port numbers and groups.

To accomplish you particular application, you can open the Labview shipping examples or the NI-DAQ shipping examples, that show the pattern input and pattern output tasks; then configure each example to execute in a different group and both groups to have 2 ports each (based upon the legal combination of ports and groups from the Users

After that you should be set to go.
Hope this helps.
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