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DETT: Set Cursor (Cursor ID) and Set Cursor (Icon Pict) VI Reference Leak


Using LV 2011 and the Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit to analyze my application, it has identified a reference link in the 2 above stated VIs. It's not a huge deal but is there any possibility I'm missing something here? Whether I use them individually or as subVIs in the Set and Unset Busy Icon VIs, it always report a reference leak. The block diagram is locked so I'm guessing there is not much I can do to correct it, but I just wanted to ask. Is this fixed in later versions? I am not calling this VI continually in a loop or anything, but I do use it quite a bit as my app is pretty user interface intensive.



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Same behavior in LV2014... I am also wondering if this could be something that i should consider... Any idea?

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Same behavior in LV 2017. I found a KB.

There is a workaround but I don't know the target date to be fixed.


Reference Leak When Changing Cursor Appearance in LabVIEW

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