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DE FPGA Board not Connecting

I am using DE FPGA board with NI ELVIS II, and LabVIEW 2012. I have searched in the Discussion forum and got the latest driver software (5.2) for the board.


But when I start running my FPGA VI , after successful compilation and generation of Bit file (after synthesis) the error message shows "Communication cable is not detected


What is the problem? 

** My board is working fine with Xilinx ISE.

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When the FPGA board is connected and powered on, do you see a "Programming cable" listed in the Windows Device Manager?

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Thanks for your reply,


But I have already got the problem solved. Smiley Happy 


I don't know how, but one day It suddenly worked!! Smiley Surprised then I tried the same procedure in another computer, there also it worked. Smiley Very Happy


I think, the problem was that, the previous version of driver was installed in my laptop, after I have uninstalled it, the device worked!! I am really surprised with the procedure !! But It happened !! 

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Good, I am glad. One thing that catches people sometimes is if they have the cable plugged in when they install the drivers as they don't install properly when the cable is present

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