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DDE server receiving data

Hello, everyone.

I recently started doing the DDE issue, And I have some problems.

I was able to create a server program that sends information to client.

this is a block diagram of server:


 "Server " sending ITEM to Clint works perfectly.

now I try to build a SERVER that gets the ITEM from client(Inverse case)

A picture of my block diagram :



I tried to use DDE srv chaeck ithem and dde srv get dynamic items

But I can't seem to get the ITEM values from client.

What am I doing wrong?




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Hi daniel_kogan,


In general, we recommend using ActiveX over DDE functions. The link below has more information:


Archived:Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Functions Palette in LabVIEW


Although I don't think the referred to "Using DDE in LabVIEW for Windows" document is on our website anymore, I found a copy hosted here:


Using DDE in LabVIEW (Windows Only)

Jiwhan S.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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hi thanks for the response.

I have to use DDE because of another app that supports only this protocol.

I saw the document you sent but not great how I can read the information that comes from the client.

See the second picture how I tried to build the block diagram (It didn't work)

I'm looking for the right way to do it, please help.


Thanks in advance

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Hello daniel_kogan,


Could you kindly elaborate on what you mean by it didn't work? Are you experiencing any errors?



Malkolm A.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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When I write that it is not working I mean that the server did not receive the value of item form client. I'm trying to talk to TAKAYA machine APT.(Attaches a document)

According to their document, The communications are supposed to be like this.


There are some things that are unclear to me. what this is a "open link" box?

This is what I tried to apply:




the error code is 14001 

According to their document, I need to read 3 items client

IPS_item, VAL_item, LOC_item

Where am I wrong?

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