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DCFGPORT.VI and Write to .vi Is not working


Hello, I am very new to labview but I know hot to run the prewritten programs that are associated with the test I have to do. My issue is that they gave me a new computer, been running a Win7 now Win10, also was running LV12 now running LV18. I tried to run the program again however it can not find these ports. Can someone help someone that never programmed the labview background before? How do I retrieve this? I have downloaded and installed MCCDAQ software and fixed another issue with the computer that allowed the GPIB-USB-HS cable to be loaded on the computer and downloaded that software. I am not to labview guy but the person in charge of that is on vacation thank you.

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I meant to say write to digital  Sorry about that 

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Hi daddy,


which hardware are you using? You are mentioning MCCDAQ and GPIB cables: how are they related to those digital port functions?

Mind to attach the VI to demonstrate your problems?

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2019 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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I have no clue how they related but if I am taking a guess I am thinking that the usb to gpib cable connects all the power and recording instruments through gpib cables. I used the mccdaq software because I read online it is what uses the DCFGPORT.VI and I can not find that vi any where on my computer or even where in the software to search for it. Unfortunately I can't take connect it to the system because it goes against company policies and they won't let me. I am using a HP computer with the GPIB-USB-HS cable. 

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What do you mean how are they related? they are what connect power supplies and cw generator. when I went online and searched this is what I found but this guy was running LV 2008 I updated to 2018

NI 2011 post

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