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DC motor speed control with LabView and Aurdino

Hey people;

     Nowadays I'm working on DC synchronous motor speed control with LabView and Arduino but I can't go on with my project and I need help with this.

     I want LabView to turn my input to rounds per second for the amount of time the program specifies on the DC synchronous motor. In order to do this, in which form should the first program I'm coding send the data? Should it be .txt? .xls? Or something else? Which one should I choose? Or am I missing something?

    Any help is appriciated. Thanks in advance.

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What do you consider the "first program"?  Is it the Arduino code or the LabVIEW code?


I'm guessing that the Arduino is what is connected to your motor.  How does that program want data sent to it?


Once you know that, you can figure out how to get the LabVIEW program to send it the data.


.txt fand .xls are file types.  I really doubt that the Arduino wants to open and read a file.  Generally, you just send commands and data out of the serial port from your LabVIEW program in whatever format your Arduino wants it.  Probably ASCII data with a separator such as a comman between different data elements and a terminator like a carriage return or line feed to define the end of the data packet.

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The first program is not the labview nor the arduino. It is being coded in C#, and its job is to collect data from the file I send to it.

So there are 2 programs, one being labView collecting data from the first program, modify it, send it to arduino. 

By the way I'm not using the arduino as a software, I'm using it like a DC Motor card

Thanks for your help again.

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So you really have 3 programs because you need something running on the Arduino.


Unfortunately,  this is the wrong forum for asking questions about C# or how to program an Arduino.  If you have a specific question relating to LabVIEW, please ask that, but you'll need to provide details on what your other programs are expecting in terms of data.


There are just too many puzzle pieces missing in your question to be able to help right now.

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Actually, I already can control dc motor with labview and I'm using arduino like dc motor card there is no problem to there. Everything working, I mean I can control the motor speed but I want to control the speed with different way I have a software it's mesuring the data after it is giving some result and the problem is starting I don't have any idea to how can I use this result to give some instruction to labview to control motor. Am I specific now ?  Smiley Happy


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So the problem is not "how to control the speed of a DC motor with LabVIEW and arduino", but how to get LabVIEW to communciate with other software written in C#.


Is that a more correct question?


There is still nothing we can do to help you unless you provide more details on this software and how you want to communicate with it.  You say the software gives results.  How does it give those results?  Is it just numbers on the screen?  Can you communicate with it through TCP/IP?  You talked about .txt and/or .xls files earlier.  Is this program capable of creating those files?  If it does, do you have an example of a file it creates?

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yes you're right that is my problem , and the software is mesuring bpm but I don't have any idea what kind of result I need to take from software because I'm not really good at with LabView what kind of result I can show the LabView 


I happy to start explain my self Smiley Happy

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LabVIEW can do anything you need it to do.  But first you have to figure out what the other software provides you.  You said it gives you "bpm".  (Is that beats per minute?)


How does it give you that data?

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Actually, now the software is just mesuring bpm I mean beats per minute, and I can take the result from software but I didn't do this yet because I don't know what kind of format I need for labView. which format would be the best for me to use.


Thankyou again Smiley Happy 

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I'm not going to be able to help if you can't answer the question.


It doesn't matter what format LabVIEW takes.  You can program it to take anything.

What matters is what format the software gives you.


Are you the programmer for this other software?  Do you have any control over what format it will give you?  Or are you locked in to a format?


Whatever the format is, how does it pass out the data?

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