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DC motor speed control with LabView and Aurdino

Yes, I have control on format but I'm not sure which format can be best type for me because I'm not good at with LabView and I don't have any idea how can I give commad on LabView to the data I recieves

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I would send it via TCP/IP.


Have the C program listen on a port.  When it gets a command for data, then it returns the data.  I would send it as a simple ASCII string so if BPM is 100  then send 100{line feed character}.  If you want to send more than one thing such as BPM and O2,  then send 100 {tab} 98 {line feed}.


That way the LabVIEW program can open up a connection on the TCP/IP port.  Send a command (e.g. READ{line feed character}.  When it reads a response, it can easily parse out the data since it is tab separated and ends with a line feed character using functions in the string palette.


ASCII strings and termination characters such as the line feed (decimal 10, hex 0A) are pretty simple to do in LabVIEW and text based languages.

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