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DAQmx support for Labview 8.0, library files needed, no installers please.Options

Hello again,


I tried to uninstall everything related to labview on the computer using msiblast, but still having the same problem, even after removing every labview newer than 8.0 files.

When I try to install DAQmx 8.6 it says a newer version is available.

I deleted the registry stuff to.

I had to keep labview 8.0 because it is the version i want to use plus i don't have the CD to install it, so i kept it and it's support files.


Can anyone send me the DAQmx library for labview 8.0?

Makesure it is the Vi files not the installation setup because that one will give me the same problem, " Newer Version is installed" problem.


Don't refer me to any extra links about installing, cuz honestly i have seen them all....

Here is my earlier post :



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Hello Ahmedaddassi,


After looking over your post, I believe you should remove all National Instruments software completely and try to install LabVIEW then the DAQmx driver. Try to uninstall all National Instruments software from the Add/remove programs and then remove all other references with msiblast. Unfortunately, sending you the libraries for it would not mostly not work.

Jim St
National Instruments
RF Product Support Engineer
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Hi ,

Thanks for the reply,

the problem is i need to use labview 8.0 and i don't have the CD for it, plus i am using

the NI labview 8.0 instructional edition.


I am only missing the create , edit , etc... files

i tried to use files created by labview 8.2 files,

They were recognised however, they are not compatible.

I just need the VI files, drivers are already working, apparently installer still recognise some newer version Smiley Surprised




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Hello ahmedaddassi,


When you say the driver is working, are you able to access the device in MAX? When I say this, you should be able to do all of this with your device:


1.) Perform a Self Test in MAX.

2.) Reset the device in MAX

3.) Access test panels and acquire analog inputs, output, DIO, or counters depending upon your device.


If you can do this, please post a MAX Technical Support Report.


Also, when you look at National Instruments software in add/remove programs, do you see DAQmx installed or is it not there? If it isn't there and you can still access the device, then the uninstall/msiblast you performed removed part of the registries.


Also why do you need to program in LabVIEW 8.0 instead of LabVIEW 2009? Is there some feature or something that 8.0 provides that LabVIEW 2009 doesn't?

Jim St
National Instruments
RF Product Support Engineer
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What is the software needed for MAX ?

Is it already pre-installed ?

I need labview 8 because the software used on the PXI unit was written with labview 8.0

I tried to use labview 2009, however, it wasn't able to identify the PXI unit, the card i have is 6229.

DAQmx is uninstalled completely, i double checked with msi blast.

I think there might be some other component that is causing the the old drivers setup file to think that the newer ones are already installed.


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Hello Ahmedaddassi,


MAX will be installed with a lot of our different products. MAX is our portal to all different types of instruments like DAQmx cards, GPIB, Serial, etc. When installing the DAQmx driver or another driver, the driver puts its functionality in MAX to allow you to access the hardware. Knowing this, if MAX is installed doesn't mean that the DAQmx driver is installed. You will need to perform the steps above in order to really test to see if the functionality of the driver is there. Also, if you could post a MAX Technical Support Report, I can get a better idea of you system. In order to does this, please follow these steps:


MAX Technical Support Report:

1.) Open MAX.

2.) Navigate to File » Create Report

3.) Select Technical Support as the Report type.

4.) Complete the Wizard and post this for me to look at.


Also, before you ever used msiblast, did you uninstall DAQmx from Add/remove programs first? Looking at your previous posts, it sounds like this was the case but I want to make sure.


As for not being able to access your PXI chassis in LabVIEW 2009, this should work. What is your PXI setup? Does it have an embedded controller or a MXI card? If it is an embedded controller, it is Windows OS or Real-Time OS?

Jim St
National Instruments
RF Product Support Engineer
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I will try MAX,

I am using winXP

No embeded systems in the PXI.


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Hello Ahmedaddassi,


What is the model number of the MXI card? What cards are in your chassis? If you have all DAQmx devices in the chassis, I believe that this should work in LabVIEW 2009.

Jim St
National Instruments
RF Product Support Engineer
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