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DAQmx simulated device - DAQmx Create Scale (Linear).vi




I know when we use simulated DAQmx hardware, we have to face certain limitations. May I get info regarding to the "DAQmx Create Scale (Linear).vi"? I would like to test my application, but I do not have the hardware yet. So I just use a simulated device. Whatever value I set for the "slope" input, the simulated measurement does give the same values.

My guess: the Scale VI does not have any effect on simulated DAQmx devices.

Is there a exhaustive feature list for simulated DAQmx devices? Like what they support, what they not?

Thanks! 🙂


Edit: Shame on you Blokk! 😄 I just googled for it:


I guess this is the explanation: "When reading data, all analog signals will be returned as a full-scale sine wave with three percent of full-scale noise. Digital data is returned as if each 8-bit port were counting up. "

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