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DAQmx: (nearly) Synchronous Continuous Acquisition / How to trigger board buffer transfer?

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I'm happy to hear you got the settings adjusted right for you.


If you have a box doing the closed loop tight control, and the PC and daq are doing a supervisory level of control and you realize the limits of timing for that setup, you should be just fine.  I have a similar test stand where there is a 30 thousand pound actuator.  It has its own motor controller to handle the tight loop servo positioning control.  The PC issues commands to it by a serial link to say move to a particular position.  If I am telling it to keep moving until a precise load is hit, I do it at such a slow rate that the PC will be able to detect the given load in time.  And even then, that mode of operation is supervised so that if the slow movement still gets a way, the operator can stop it with a hardwired e-stop.

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