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DAQmx drivers hang problem in DIO card


I am using cDAQ DIO Card 9375 in chassis 9174 for one of my application. When the application try to read DI channel, the DAQmx drivers sometimes gets hung(Not always it gets hung, once in 50 run approx). When I narrowed down the search, I found that DAQmx Read VI is stuck in Call library function (nilvaiu.dll). It gets stuck there for infinite time although I have provide 10 sec timeout. I have to use task manager to force stop the application. Have anyone faced the same issue before? (Note: I am using  LabVIEW version is 2013 and DAQmx driver 14.0)

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USB Chassis?  My first thought is to make sure that Window's "power-saving feature" of turning off USB buses is turned off.  You can turn that off in the Device Manager.

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Thanks for the reply. I checked, it is already off

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 It seems like there might be a hangup in the DAQ device accessing the nilvaiu.dll. I would recommend repairing DAQmx Drivers and if that doesn't seem to work, to reinstall DAQmx Drivers through the Command Prompt. I've attached the resources for both below. 




Force Reinstall:




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Ali S.
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