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DAQmx Routing multiple counter signals for 2x encoders with 9361

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I'm looking to change the routing of the signals in my Labview program. 


I have two encoders and I can happily acquire correct data from both using a trimmed down version of the Read encoder (continuous clock) example. If I stick to the default signal routing both will work using ctr0 and ctr1 which I define in DAQmx create channel as "cDAQ1_9361_CI/ctr0:1" and wire the counters accordingly.


But I'd like to reroute the signals to use a third encoder for speed (of a different component), and there is no combination of the default routing that will allow for this. By this I mean CTR0 uses DI0, DI4, DI7, CTR1 uses DI1, DI5, DI6, so I need DI2 and DI3 for the velocity encoder.


However, if I want to change the signal routing using DAQmx channel property node I can only specify the routing of one signal, and if I select both counters (as above) the signal routing I define defines the routing I select to both these counters (i.e. I'm only using one encoder).


I've tried a variety of combinations, placing multiple DAQmx create channels in a row, each followed by the property node, but it doesn't give te desired output (always overwriting both counters with the last defined property node).


I attach a basic code of what I'm trying to do.


Thanks in advance.


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I've done a lot with counters, but never with a device that allowed multiple counter input channels in the same task.


Here's what I came up with.  It's pretty similar to something I'm more famliar with -- multiple AI channels in the same task that each need individual configuration.  It ran without error for me on a *simulated* 9361 which usually means that the configuration syntax is at least legal.  It doesn't necessarily guarantee that everything works as expected.


Give it a try and let's see.



-Kevin P


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Hi Kevin


That works exactly as hoped, thanks so much for your reply. I'm fairly new to LabVIEW so it's nice to learn how to implement a bit more control using the property nodes.


Thanks again!


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