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DAQmx Read maintains at one value

The confusion I had is with the name of the physical channel control. The channel is changing, not the I/P name.

Your front panel shows an empty array. What you need to do is actually run the VI until you get some data and then take the image. Expand the artsy indicator so several elements are visible. It does not help to just show element 0.
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that my front panel when I run this vi. remains like this.

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I don't see how you have only a single sample. You don't have the error wires connected. Do that and see if you are getting an error.

You still have not provided the info on your configuration. Differential or rse? Sample rate? Range? Number of samples?

Were you getting reasonable values with the daq assistant?
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error wires? you mean the yellow one? I wired this but it shows no error.




With daq assistance it can get resonable values and I set it to continuous samples, 1 sample to read, 1 Hz Rate. RSE


and for DAQmx I set to RSE. 




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Hi Ame,


you missed an important point: Configure once, use often, close once!


In your loop you create an I/P DAQmxTask in each iteration without closing it. This will fail in the 2nd iteration…


Go through the DAQmx example VIs coming with LabVIEW. They explain how to configure such basic measurements!

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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You didn't wire the error in/out of the read.
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Why do you keep creating different threads for the same issue?  As I told you before, mimic EXACTLY what I did with the output with the input.  The only difference is you need to configure the channel as an AI voltage and use the DAQmx Read.  But the setup and the closing of the task should be EXACTLY the same.

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