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DAQmx Logging TDMS Data - Provides timestamps in seconds

I am using DAQmx Configure logging function to read discrete inputs and log them in a TDMS file.

Timestamp at which the data is logged in TDMS file shows in terms of seconds. However when I read the data using DAQmx read function, I get the timestamp logged in milliseconds.See the attachments.

Can someone help me out on how I can configure TDMS file to get timestamp logs in milliseconds?


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You will need to know your group and channel name, but try reading the wf_start_time property ot get the time with milliseconds. Try the TDMS file viewer vi.







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I did try to read the TDMS data stored through TDMS File viewer, and found that wf_start_time is being set with the same t0 value thats read from the TDMS file. Please see attached screenshot.

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Looking at your BD,change your mode from continuous samples to finite samples and see if that changes anything, or keep it in continous mode and get rid of that 10 samples per channel.



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