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DAQmx: Digital - Continuous example with PCI-6519 (error -200077)

Bonjour everyone,


Main goal :

I want to use 1 digital output of the PCI-6519 harware to make  a staked light indicator blink when user is needed to operate the test station. 


What I am trying:

I open the labview 2013 wxample "DAQmx: Digital - Continuous" to learn how I could use a DAQmx task to perform this blink instead of using a dynamic call of a VI changing the output in 'while loop'.

The example states that my hardware should be able to run it but I always get an error -200077 right at the beginning with the DAQmx mentionning that my PORT2, line 0 does not support the 'Sample Clock' property which is hard coded in the example. I can't find a different property that this example will accept to try to change the status of my digital output on a time basis.  Does the PCI-6519 device support timing for a digital output or not?


If anyone has a better or simplier idea to achieve such a simple goal, feel free to suggest.  I am using DAQmx for the first time and I don't know much about what my options are.


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Hi Nienscecco,


Unfortunately PCI-6519 doesn't support HW timing, I've just tried with a simulate PCI-6519 device and I confirm you that you must specify an external clock in order to use this example.


Do you have some kind of frequency generator to provide it ? Or maybe another NI board with embedded counters in order to build it ?


Thanks in advance for your answers.



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Bonjour Mathieu,


I do have a second board with counters on it.  A PCI-6221.  I was trying to avoid to use external trigger coming from this second card because the the stacked light of my test station has been incorporated in the design of a custom power supply unit which is also controlled by 24V relays driven by the PCI-6519.  Using an external trigger would mean to add a connector to this box and redo the wiring so that I can physically connect this trigger. 


So I will try to flash this light with dynamic call on another VI after all.


Thank you for your time

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