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DAQNAVI wizard not showing

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i am using labview 2017(64 bit) on windows 7 and installed DAQNavi_SDK_4.0.4.0 to use DAQNavi assistant but whenever i open DAQNavi assistant function from search palette and place it in block diagram window, it doesn't open DAQNavi wizard but instead it shows a line of window through which i can't edit any of it's properties. please refer to the attach image.Untitled.png

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Have you contacted Advantech?  Is this product supported for 64-bit LabVIEW (which was not quite as functional in 2012 when DAQNavi was released)?  Note that there are a bunch of things (often related to DAQ) that are not quite ready even now for 64-bit LabVIEW ...


Bob Schor

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yes, this product is supported for 64 bit labview but somehow not working on my PC.

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try to install higher version of this software in some of version it happen and it is bug esp if you open front panel of this subvi in labview it make problem to use
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Accepted by topic author bendawson
12-21-2017 12:31 AM

Thanks everyone who replied to the post .

i find out the solution by installing different version of  DAQNavi SDK and it worked.

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bendawson Please can you seed me your solution i'm block in my application in CVI and i will try the labview thank you soo much

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