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I am currently applying an Analog 1D DBL type signal to six different pressure regulators with six different AO channels using DAQ assistant. My input signal is an array of 6 DBL values. Now, I want to apply a single pulse signal to two of those channels, and be able to control that via an ON/OFF on the Front panel. The 'low' part of the pulse should be the base DBL value I was originally applying, and the 'high value' should be a value I can specify. Any suggestions on how this can be done would be appreciated. 

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Hi Snaray,


seems like this could be done by replacing the elements in your Array.


Why don't you show us what you have tried so far, so we can point you in the right direction?

Remember Cunningham's Law
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I've attached a VI of what I've done so far. Note that:

This is part of a larger code, but just shows the section I have questions about. This is why I have the array (as an input to the Case structure). The entire code is in a larger while loop that updates the elements of the array in each iteration. 


These are the issues and concerns I have right now:

1) I am not sure how to tune the square wave to generate one single pulse.

2) In the false case, I am writing the DBL values through one single AO task (preffered), whereas in the true case I am using different AO tasks. Will this affect the timing of the signals? 





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