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DAQ questions – Urgent !

Hi everybody,
I’m a beginner in the field, so I need a piece of advice from DAQ experienced users:
1. What is the definition of ‘kilo-Symbols /s’ and why the rate unit is not the Hertz?
2. What NI board should I choose if I have these main requirements:
- at least 4 channels (simultaneous acquisition) - voltage
- at least 2000 readings per second
- as flexible as possible for future use (something like output channels, internal timers, etc.)
- to be used with normal thermocouples (K type) and accelerometers
3. What is (are) the most important thing(s) related to a DAQ board? (generally speaking)

Thank you in advance.

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My $.02

1. Data acquisition boards are specified in samples per second. Nyquist says that your sample rate must be at least twice the frequency you are measuring to accurately reproduce the signal.
2. If you truly need simultaneous sampling on 4 channels, NI only has the 6110. Unless the phase difference is really that critical, go with one of the E series boards. Some other thing that you want to look at are input resolution (number of bits) and input range. My recomendation would be for you contact your local NI sales engineer or call NI directly.
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Go to

There you will find tools and comparison charts to help you to choose the most suitable card for your application.
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