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DAQ no supported devices found

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Hello everybody!


I'm new on Labview, and I'm doing a tutorial learn step by step. I don't have anything plugged with the PC.   I have to do this exercise.Ex1.

When I put the properties of DAQ Assistant  (Acquire Signal>Analog Input>Voltaje) the message "No supported devices found" appearsI looked on the Measurement & Automation>Devices & Interfaces, and DAQ doesn't appear. I've read it should appear, but I don't know, because I haven't got anything plugged, how I said before.

Any suggestions??


Thanks for all!



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Accepted by topic author Joselito

Hi Joselito


Since you have the DAQ Assistant you obviously have DAQmx installed. What you can do then is to simulate a DAQ device. Just Open MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer), klick "Devices and Interfaces" then the marked Create New button in the picture below. Follow the instructions in the dialog that apperas. I don't know which card you should use, but any M-series should see you through. All AI channels will give you a standard sine-wave and all DI lines will alternate between high and low.




Best Regards




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Thanks Davydek!


Now It works correctly!




Jose Ferrer.

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hi, i can not see the same things on my laview, I can't see NI-DAQmx Teds interface or others?  i use windows 7. can it be because of it?


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Hi Kimse


The options you have is dependent on what drivers and software you have installed on your machine. I usually install as much as possible, but that's since in my work I get questions across the board. If you only work with a small portion of, lets say just DAQmx you should just install that. Please also note that DAQmx itself has many subcomponents that you can choose to add or remove at install time.


Best Regards



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Hi Davidek

thanks for ur answer, i use labview 8.5, i installed on same way to my desktop pc. And everything worked well, but on laptop i couldn't see options DAQmx.on Desktop i use windows xp, but i use windows 7 on laptop.

Which labview version should i use for windows 7? or can i download a driver for windows 7.


best regards

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Hi Kimse


You should know that Windows 7 is only officially supported from LabVIEW 2009SP1 and onward. That said 8.5 could work fine, it has just not been tested with Windows 7 since it was released before 7 was avaliable. Please refer to these documents for LabVIEW/DAQmx and LabVIEW/OS compatibility.


However, I think that the problem is with the DAQmx version. Which version of DAQmx are you using? That is more sensative to OS version that LabVIEW is. Also make sure that you installed support for your LabVIEW version when you installed DAQmx.


Best Regards



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Thanks for solution.

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