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DAQ Problems!

Ok so I have a Land & Sea analog to digital converter for a bunch of temperature and pressure sensors. I cannot seem to get LabView to accept this hardware. We tried installing drivers and all kinds of other things. Someone in our group thought it might be a problem with the USB port (meaning LabView just doesn't like it). Do we need to try a different connection other than USB, or do we need a NI converter? Any responses would be greatly appreciated!!

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What do you mean by "getting LabVIEW to accept it"?  Do you mean having it show up in MAX has a device?  Generally third party devices aren't going to do that.


What does the manual for the device say about how to communicate with it?  How does it show up in Windows device manager?  What drivers and "all kinds of other things" did you actually install and where did you get them from.


Do you have a manual or a link to the actual device you are using?

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