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DAQ Module 6009 Vs. 6001


I am following along with a LinkedIn Learning video for data acquisition and Barron Stone, the instructor in the video, uses a 6001 module.


I have 6009 and they seem basically the same except I don't seem to be able to output a signal directly from the device. I guess I need my own way of generating a sine wave?


I don't have a function generator but I do have an Arduino that could do it, even though I would need to learn how to do that.


Does anyone know much about the 6009 DAQ module? Is it missing the built in signal generator used to test output and input? Am I describing that correctly? lol


Thank you

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I think I mean to say it is not outputting a signal "continuously" but this it my first time using the module so I am not sure.


I just know that I get errors when using VI's I expected to work with this module.

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The USB 6001/6002/6003 family replaces the USB 6008/6009 series, I believe.  They should behave very similarly.  Have you tried hooking up your device and running MAX?  Run through a few Test Panels with MAX and "play" with your device.  Oops, I thought I brought one home, but I didn't.


Try the following -- stick a wire in, say, A/D 0, start MAX, take 1000 samples/second continuously, then touch the wire.  See an interesting signal?  Can you figure out from the signal whether you are in Europe or the US?  [Was that a "Trick Question"?]


Bob Schor

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