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DAQ/LabVIEW memory (sorry for the repost)

This demo has to be from the existing main VI, using its front panel, that's what's got me spooked.  I don't think I can just replace the existing format because of all the DAQmx stuff that has to work when this thing is actually used, I can't just make a simple version that only does the read/write stuff.  After my demo someone is gonna play with the program and hook it up to the protoboard w/ the processor so it can employed for its entended purpose.  Is there anything you can suggest or offer, thanks a lot.
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If you could post an example of the format you were explaining with the while loops and event structures it would really help me out alot, appreciate everything.
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I'm using LabVIEW V8 professional on this computer, and I used an event structure like you said(which would have worked beautifully), but for some reason, I'm getting a new error concerning "DAQ-mx Create" in my read and write functions.  This didn't happen when I was used version 7.1.  Sighs, I know I'm a never ending source of inquiry, but I just seem to be struggling from error to error without enough progress.  It's basically going to be a miracle at this point if I can get this demo to work the way it needs to by tuesday... 
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I know I've sort of latched onto you about this topic Mr. Knutson.  But you seem to know exactly what you're doing and it's very tempting to just keep pounding away with questions, I appreciate all of your time, and I hope my inquiries have not soured in your eyes.  Thank you.
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You haven't soured me on anything. It's just that I'm not near a computer that has LabVIEW on it and I don't plan on being near one until Tuesday. Sorry.
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