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DAQ Assistant is not seeing cards under cDAQ-9184

my issue is 


I have a cDAQ-9184 connected via ethernet to my laptop and it houses 3 cards (9205, 9375, 9485). MAX recognizes the 9184 but it's greyed out. and also it doesn't recognize the 3 cards. I'm running labview 14SP1. DAQ assistant doesn't work.  strange thing is when I bring up the NI web based configurator, is does see thee 9184 and the three cards I have on it.  any idea as to what I should do?

update firmware? 

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I was able to find a Knowledge Base article that addresses this issue. Following the troubleshooting steps within the article should get you up and running!


Ethernet cDAQ Chassis Grayed out in MAX or has Network Errors

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I appreciate your note. I'll will try it out.

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didn't work. I have however gotten it to recognize the cDAQ-9184. but the sub cards do not come up in MAX. and are not part of the tree view.

I have installed RIO ver 17.5, and are working with MAX 17.5 and DAQmx 17.5 with LabVIEW 14 SP1 and Windows 7. do you think this is my problem.


my feeling is RIO has helped me.  but it also has made me do "repair" installed on all the other components. is what I'm doing just running around in circles trying to get everything to work in labview 14? 

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