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[DAQ Assistant] Multiple Rates, Multiple Assistants, One Analog Trigger

Here are my hardware specs and what I am trying to achieve:


NI cDAQ-9188 (Chassis)
NI 9205 (Voltage - Trigger) @ 50k
NI 9236 (Strain) @ 10k
NI 9237 (Bridge) @ 50k


DAQ ASSIST 01 CONFIG - 275k Samples @ 50k Hz with 25k Pre-Trigger
Ch01 - AI0 - Voltage Triggering off Analog Edge
Ch02 -AI0 - Bridge
Ch03 -AI1 - Bridge


DAQ ASSIST 02 CONFIG - 55k Samples @ 10k Hz with 5k Pre-Trigger
Ch01 -AI0 - Strain
Ch02 -AI1 - Strain


So my problem is that I want to share the trigger between the two daq assistants. DAQ Assistant 1 has the analog channel with the trigger, but I need DAQ Assistant 2 to be able to see it as well. I can't just add the channel as there is an issue with having 1 channel on two different DAQ Assistants. Is there a quick an easy way to handle this problem? If not, is there a working example that I haven't found? I am only using one device to do this.

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The DAQ Assistant is just for small, simple applications.  If you need to do synchronous work, advanced timing, triggering, etc. you need to write real DAQmx code.  Trust me, it's worth the effort to learn DAQmx.  You won't believe how powerful it is until you get under the hood.  The DAQ Assistant is like putting training wheels on a Harley.  Smiley Tongue

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Go through the Example Finder in LabVIEW (Help->Find Examples).  There are a bunch of examples for DAQmx to do almost anything you want.


I would start with the Single Channel analog input example and learn how that works.  Once you are comfortable with what is happening in there, go on to the triggering and shared clock examples.

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