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DAQ Assistant - HELP !!! why do I not have DAQ Assistant on my 8.6.1 student edition input palette ?

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Help. When I create a new Vi (for the 1st time) having installed LabVIEW my input palette does not contain the DAQ Assistant ? Is this correct  or an installation problem (no installation erros were flagged up) ?


How am I supposed to acquire analoque input signals without the DAQ Assistant ?

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You certainly don't need the DAQ Assistant. You can use the lower level DAQ functions but if you did not install the DAQmx driver, you won't have either.


The latest version is 8.9.

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Accepted by topic author esctosh

Solution found - I had installed DAQmx before LabVIEW. Apparently LabVIEW MUST be installed before DAQmx. So reinstalled DAQmx and this worked !!

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