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DAQ Application where data not passing through for loop properly


I have an application with 18 channels from 3 load cells.  I need to scale the 6 channels of each load cell with a 6x6 matrix and reform into a waveform again.  i have posted a screen shot and the vi's affected.  The data is present in the inner for loop, but as the probes show, no data is appearing outside of the inner for loop.  This also appears to be affecting the bias offset subraction where again I have a vector of 18 values.  Any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated.




Using LV2010.

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I think you are just going to have to run this with highlight execution mode on and just step through things.  For some reason your shift register in later iterations (probe 32) is winding up empty although there was data (probe 31) going into it when it first ran.  You'll have to see what is happening on the first iteration or possibly the second of the outer while loop.  I would suspect some error in your index manipulations, perhaps at the array subset function (between probes 32 and 33).  I'm think i x 6 is giving you an index that is beyond the bounds of your array thus giving you an empty array it can't operate on.

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