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DA100 Communication Errors (Help needed)

Hello All,

I have a DA100 Darwin Unit for our test chamber at the University.  Connected to the DAQ is a DS600 Sub unit.  We are using it to control our HVAC Test chambers and monitoring the chamber conditions.  About a month ago we re-installed Windows 7 onto the chamber's computer to free up some space.  After reinstalling the drivers and other software the DA100 communicated just fine with the PC it was connected to.  About a week ago that DA100 unit stopped communicating with the PC.

We are using a DT300-41 Ethernet Module that is straight cabled to a Network hub which is then connect to the PC.  When the DAQ32 program is launched and the software configuration program is launched the set the TCP/IP addresses the program prompts a Error code E3339 (Modules not found).  So we went through made sure everything was connected and what not.  Everything hardware wise looks to be functioning normally.  The "LINK" LED is lit on the Ethernet module and the unit is getting power.  The Ethernet is reading 10mbs through the hub and the cable leading to the computer is also functioning normally.

Also we went through our fire walls and created rules to allow for imbound signals from the DAQ32 program as well as labview.  After all of that we are still getting the E3339 code.

I have went through every spec manual and troubleshoot manual that Yokogawa and Darwin offer and cannot pull any thing new from them anymore I have tried just about everything I can think of.


If anybody has any Ideas I would greatly appreciate it as I am at a dead end.


Thank you in advance to anybody that can help.

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I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding how you're application is setup. If you wouldn't mind answering a few questions, that could be helpful.


What National Instruments DAQ card do you have? Can you explain as much as possible about what NI hardware, development environment, and drivers you are using? I'm trying to get a full idea of how National Instruments products fit into the application.


Thank you for you're response. 




National Instruments
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