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Cycling case structure causes structure to expand with auto grow off

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I have recently upgraded from 2013 to 2019 and when I go into my old code written in LV-2013 and toggle between cases in my state machine the entire structure grows each time I toggle to the next case. I tried disabling auto grow however this has no effect and the case still grows. I have made sure that all the updates are installed and am currently at a loss. As you can imagine this makes working on projects very difficult, as I can not seamlessly switch between cases. Any advice on things to try would be helpful. 



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I had this happening to me after an upgrade. I never got a good answer but it must be a bug. I got around it by hitting the auto clean up tool (Oh My God NO!!!!!). Then I cleaned everything back to where it used to be. This took many hours to fix. Maybe someone will give you a different answer. I had the problem when I clicked anywhere in the block diagram. Any time I did anything inside of that program it kept getting bigger until I did the auto cleanup.


Good Luck

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Oh My God No - is right!! Thanks for the info and ill do my best to make things work. Thanks,


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I saw something similar a few years ago -


It was solved by turning auto-grow off of all structures (utility to do this automatically is linked in the linked thread).  Maybe it'll help?

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I always try mass compile before doing anything drastic.

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Thank you so much! This VI worked and the problem has been resolved. ! I appreciate your help. 


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So I wounder if you turn it back on if the diagrams grow again or if it is kind of a reset? The one thing that I did find, with my slow and painful method, was that the auto grow was still working correctly after the rest of what ever the code was not happy about.


Would you be willing to turn all of the auto grow stuff back on and see if your diagram grows by itself again? It would be interesting to know.


I read that some people don't like the auto grow feature. I am on the fence. Sometimes it is OK, sometimes not.

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Interesting.  I find autogrow almost useless in LV Classic, nearly indispensable in LV NXG.

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After running the VI to fix the issue. I turned auto grow back on and it now seems to work as expected the cases grow when something is pushed up against the edge. However the issue with expanding as you switch between cases is still fixed. 


Short answer yes now every thing works as normal after running the VI. 

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Thanks for taking the time to trying that. I appreciate you taking the time to see if that fixed the problem. I hope I never have that issue again but if I do I know I can fix it using this vi.

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